Vintage Iron Bread Trays


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If you’ve been with us for some time you know how much we ADORE vintage found items! There’s something about owning a piece of history that TRULY makes our hearts happy!

Today’s deal is no exception! Knowing pieces such as this one was once used in the 1900s as bread trays makes it even more special! Back in the olden days before trays were invented dough was placed directly into ovens. With the introduction of trays bread became softer puffier and tough bread was no more!

Crafted of solid metal our tray features a distressed finish and chippie detail. Everything about it is just dripping with character and charm! What’s not to love?

And at this price? You can grab one or a few we won’t stop you! ;-)

Style: Vintage
Material: Iron Craft


A: 35cm*25cm*2cm
B: 28cm*19cm*3.5cm
C: 19cm*19cm*3.5cm
D: 22cm*20cm*3cm
E: 19cm*17cm*3cm

Application: Home, Church, Wedding, Party, Cafe, Kitchen

Usage: Photo Props, Decoration Tray